What about True Friends?

I don't know anymore guys. It's a clearly subjective matter. It depends on what you look for in a friend (personality traits, humor, being available to spend time with you, common interests e.t.c.) True friend are supposed to be there for you when you thrive cheer for you and when you hit rock bottom pick... Continue Reading →


Life quoting

As I am a really wise person (I wish) I get to live with some principles, basically some quotes that explain for me situations that I cannot really keep up with. But except those easy breezy lemon squeezy already existing quotes, sometimes I prefer to create my own path to wisdom by motivating myself through... Continue Reading →

Human Rights

Human Rights is quite a general term. Rights are everywhere and refer to everyone and everything. Especially when we are talking about humans, there are many categories of rights having to do with different things each time. Human rights is the sum of all different rights and "privileges" that we have.Where am I getting with... Continue Reading →

Karma will be harsh on you

Yes, that is a typical phrase used once in a bit. Basically I use it everyday but this text is not about me. Doing things that harm others or yourself will always come back to you life is a boomerang people you hurt will always be lurking around the corner no matter what happens. As... Continue Reading →

What is Girl Power?

Serious talking this time. No there is no such thing here. When I am saying girl power I do not mean these ridiculous T-Shirts from H&M having on them logos saying GIRL POWER like they know what it really means. By girl power I refer to women who are bosses in the world-wide gender game. Women who know... Continue Reading →

Me, myself and I

Once again song quoting, the best method to make an honest relationship with yourself and now I seem like a mental person once again. I'm always repeating myself. Still standing in my own virtual world. Yes, i know I'm living my own reality. Either you believe it or not I do because I truly hate... Continue Reading →

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