Sea See

In the sea I see 

Everything except thee

I couldn’t resist your dark deep eyes
Like the bottom of the sea

So deep so mysterious
Unexplored and curious
I could find all kinds of creatures
Like your eyes treasures

Never found anywhere else but us
But I must leave thus
When I am with you
The wave is totally brand new

Stones and fish
May grante my wish
To be with you always
To see once again a small tease

Me, myself and I

Once again song quoting, the best method to make an honest relationship with yourself and now I seem like a mental person once again. I’m always repeating myself. Still standing in my own virtual world. Yes, i know I’m living my own reality. Either you believe it or not I do because I truly hate from the depths of my dark soul this corrupted reality that everybody else ”lives”. And now I’m using impressive vocabulary yass I’m capable of that give it up for my dictionary called mind. That’s all you need to know about me if after all this reading you are not convinced to join my website then I will haunt your dreams forever.Not really I’m just kidding. But if you decide to join you are more than welcome.

XOXO  ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Gossip Girl (still trying to be funny no use it’s not working Melia)

Trying to song-quote again