The art of deception 

Anything can be thoughtor seen as art nowadays. Modern art has gotten way out of hand as far as it concerns it's limits. But the art of deception, the art of the optical illusion is different as it's limits are concerned. In both of those types of art everything is referred to an audience that [...]


World of Marvel

Marvel should be one of the most respected publishing companies in the world. It has and it will always be the dream of every child to become a superhero basically a better citizen and we can all take a moment and thank Marvel for that. From the amazing old school comics to the glorious visual [...]


Guys thank you so much for everything. I am grateful for having 30 followers right now thank you so much for showing me so much love and interest into my writing. If you like my mlog I would love it if you spread the word around. If you think that someone would be interested in [...]


I have watched and participated in many musicals but there was always a love and hate relationship between me and musicals. True frenemy style fight... For musicals I thought the worst, my worst nightmare the most envious thing that somebody could do to me is to force me to star in one of them.(gouhou gouhou [...]

What about True Friends?

I don't know anymore guys. It's a clearly subjective matter. It depends on what you look for in a friend (personality traits, humor, being available to spend time with you, common interests e.t.c.) True friend are supposed to be there for you when you thrive cheer for you and when you hit rock bottom pick [...]

Life quoting

As I am a really wise person (I wish) I get to live with some principles, basically some quotes that explain for me situations that I cannot really keep up with. But except those easy breezy lemon squeezy already existing quotes, sometimes I prefer to create my own path to wisdom by motivating myself through [...]

Human Rights

Human Rights is quite a general term. Rights are everywhere and refer to everyone and everything. Especially when we are talking about humans, there are many categories of rights having to do with different things each time. Human rights is the sum of all different rights and "privileges" that we have.Where am I getting with [...]