Never give up on you

You are who you are a personality that shines when the darkest of days come. That is your real self that is who you trully are. Either you like it or not thats the cold blooded truth. You have to believe in your abilities. You have to accept who you are if you want to [...]


Introverted Nature

Quite recently I realised something let's say extraordinary. Story Time!!!! As I was walking around alone and at some point I found myself thinking about my imaginary world, I had so much fun on my own and when I went back home I was really calm and that was a huge surprise for me. But [...]

Sea See

In the sea I see  Everything except thee I couldn't resist your dark deep eyes Like the bottom of the sea So deep so mysterious Unexplored and curious I could find all kinds of creatures Like your eyes treasures Never found anywhere else but us But I must leave thus When I am with you [...]

Some awards

Thank you very much for the honor to nominate me for these awards . Check out blog it's amazing. As I have seen through blog she seems to be really cool and fun. Check Ètains amazing site out:  THE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD And now the rules I know tiring but rules are rules. RULES Let’s [...]

The art of deception 

Anything can be thoughtor seen as art nowadays. Modern art has gotten way out of hand as far as it concerns it's limits. But the art of deception, the art of the optical illusion is different as it's limits are concerned. In both of those types of art everything is referred to an audience that [...]

World of Marvel

Marvel should be one of the most respected publishing companies in the world. It has and it will always be the dream of every child to become a superhero basically a better citizen and we can all take a moment and thank Marvel for that. From the amazing old school comics to the glorious visual [...]