Introverted Nature

Quite recently I realised something let’s say extraordinary. Story Time!!!! As I was walking around alone and at some point I found myself thinking about my imaginary world, I had so much fun on my own and when I went back home I was really calm and that was a huge surprise for me. But I didn’t quite think about it. Until last Saturday, well I was checking out Youtube videos (what a surprise) when I bumped into one about introverts I wasn’t familiar with the term so checked it out and well my friends I am an introvert that was a forced extrovert.(Youtube education)

I came in amends with it pretty fast. But on Monday it was time for school I was never the person that talked a lot but never the person that I felt like being. I never liked small talk it was always disturbing for me. Having to get into the class and talk to people when I just want to hear my music or write my poems and learn stuff was always annoying for me. Also I came to realise that listening is making it easier for you to process the information and then give better advice. Silence is just the best thing in this world but participating in class it’s ok. And last but not least solitude, spending time alone and doing whatever the heck you want OMG it is just amazing.

If I do not talk to you it doesn’t mean that I do not like you, that I am antisocial, going through a phase or something is wrong with me I am just in my head in my perfect imaginary world without large social gatherings and me being homeschooled.

Thoughts of a passionate intern introvert,

Love Melia


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