Love comes with a price

Love such as magic always comes with a price. Basically everything in this world always comes with a insensible price. As it is highly stretched in many cinematic masterpieces love not plain love True Love is the most powerful magic of all.

Love has quite the unusual term it is said to be found between individuals that are attracted to each other and want to give all they have to their pair no matter what kind of life you have.

It is not always fair, you may love somebody with all your heart and in the end realise that you cannot live with that person. Another example is that you may love someone that may not even want you in their life and that is the hardest kind of love not only because of the heart breaking you are going to experience but also because of the emotions from which you will suffer.

Love is supposed to be blind. We live in a world which is against some things nothing is fair and comes without any price. Love may be supported by one side or both(the best case).

The whole world may be against you (couple) but love always have to find a way.❤


9 thoughts on “Love comes with a price

  1. I really like this site’s content ! It helps my realize a lot about the people and society that surrounds me ! Keep up with your great work !


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