The art of deception 

Anything can be thoughtor seen as art nowadays. Modern art has gotten way out of hand as far as it concerns it’s limits. But the art of deception, the art of the optical illusion is different as it’s limits are concerned. In both of those types of art everything is referred to an audience that wants to be entertained either by being deceived or by learning-seing something new. Optical illusions are tricky usually they require the audience to perform multiple tasks before understanding their content. Their intentions is not deception entirely but basically it wants to make you think How this is able to happen why if could put it any other way makes your mind work as the original art does to. Tha art of deception is not a painting but mostly a multicolored 🖌image analized by a computer. They are fun and useful for anybody who is bored or in a sleepy mood as you can understand they wake you up.

Some other optical illusion which serve the art of deception are: 

Mimes, some vines, some musicallys, videos🎥 , images🌉 ,magic tricks and of course mystery or action movies🎬




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