World of Marvel

Marvel should be one of the most respected publishing companies in the world. It has and it will always be the dream of every child to become a superhero basically a better citizen and we can all take a moment and thank Marvel for that. From the amazing old school comics to the glorious visual effects in the adaptation of the one hero star comic books. The created the modern world of sci-fi, action and comedy movies. Marvel was my first comic and my first favorite movie. It is a company with so much future potential, so much to advance, to create. As a company that lives from superheros it is surely needed that it is the superpower. It runs our thoughts and cultivates our imagination. So for me (my humble subjective opinion) Marvel is the boss.

For all the Marvel-superhero lovers out there,



One thought on “World of Marvel

  1. Marvel movies are some of my favorite. I am super excited for Spider Man: Homecoming to come out! I haven’t ever read the comics, but I have lots of friends that do and inform me of minor details that weren’t included in the movies.


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