I have watched and participated in many musicals but there was always a love and hate relationship between me and musicals. True frenemy style fight…

For musicals I thought the worst, my worst nightmare the most envious thing that somebody could do to me is to force me to star in one of them.(gouhou gouhou foreshadowing) My story started when I attended the Mama Mia Show I hated it so much that punished myself and my parents by not singing anything for to days I was just so disappointed. But then was when my hate ruled me and made me promise to myself not to attend a musical ever again, but at that point I was 8 years old. As it is well known childhood promises are meant to be broken. At 7th grade a friend of mine dragged me into the school’s musical I was terrified that I would fail and be humiliated in front of the whole school. I thought that it was an awful production but the audience fell in love with it instantly.

Then I realised that everything is two dimensional and your opinion on it depends only on from which aspect do you view it.

Anyway if you liked it spread the word out,



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