I have just created a youtube channel. I hope many of you check it out. Be sure to subscribe for more content and to share your thoughts and feelings about my channel with me. In addition if you happen to find my content amusing spread the word around. I am called Make a Life and [...]


Speak up

She didn't speak Everyone thought she was weak Undaunted to feelings She thought Feeling that many things Terrifyed she will be caught A glimse of depression She was their possesion The town said While she was crying on her bed PS: Sorry I haven't written for so long. I didn't publish anything because of some [...]

Sea See

In the sea I see  Everything except thee I couldn't resist your dark deep eyes Like the bottom of the sea So deep so mysterious Unexplored and curious I could find all kinds of creatures Like your eyes treasures Never found anywhere else but us But I must leave thus When I am with you [...]

Some awards

Thank you very much for the honor to nominate me for these awards . Check out blog it's amazing. As I have seen through blog she seems to be really cool and fun. Check Ètains amazing site out:  THE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD And now the rules I know tiring but rules are rules. RULES Let’s [...]

Love comes with a price

Love such as magic always comes with a price. Basically everything in this world always comes with a insensible price. As it is highly stretched in many cinematic masterpieces love not plain love True Love is the most powerful magic of all. Love has quite the unusual term it is said to be found between [...]